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Rainbow Bath Bombs Bundle
  • Fantasy Rainbows - A fantasy world full of rainbows created by Beauwell rainbow bath bombs, rich bubbles plus brilliant rainbows and fizzing, bath bombs keep marching on rainbow jets and baths come alive! Improve parent-child relationship! Also suitable for families and lovers.
  • Natural & Organic - rainbow bath bombs are composed of coconut oil, sea salt and sunflower oil, friendly organic raw materials, will not stain the bathtub or on the body at all, the natural raw material is different from other industrial dyes, made of organic bath bombs The bombs unleash organic, skin-friendly ingredients: coconut oil smooths skin, sunflower oil revitalizes skin, and sea salt cleans skin effectively.
  • 4-IN-1 Gift Set - A four-pack of organic bath bombs is one of the best options for gifting, rich bubbles, long-lasting boosting bath bombs, organic ingredients, and concentrated essential oils and ingredients make the bubbles last longer Longer, bath bombs are suitable for Christmas, birthday parties for kids and women
  • Moisturizes the Skin - Coconut oil and sunflower oil make the skin better, coconut oil makes the skin smooth, sunflower oil makes the skin smoother without drying, rainbow bath bombs are ornamental and hydrating
  • Handmade - Every bath bombs have been made for a long time, all for a better rainbow effect, we refuse to use inferior materials, insist on handmade, to ensure the concentration of the product and the real material! Increased the density of bath bombs to make the fizz last longer
  • Natural Fragrance - After continuous research, we obtain 100% pure natural vegetable oil distilled from organic plants, the fragrance brought by natural plants instead of harsh chemicals. Indulge in a luxurious home spa experience while you bathe.

Rainbow Bath Bombs Bundle

  • Brand Beauwell
    Scent Variety
    Material Feature organic
    Unit Count 8.0 Ounce
    Number of Items 4
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