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Cupuacu Butter

Cupuacu Butter is obtained from the fruit seed of the Cupuacu tree (Theobroma Grandiflorum) found growing wild in the eastern sub region of the Brazilian Amazonia. The fruit of Cupuacu is used to produce juices and sorbets in its native South America.


The seeds contain approximately 48% of a "butter" which is stable and highly suitable for use in cosmetics and toiletries, as well as foods and confections.


Cupuacu Butter has a high capacity for water absorption and is an excellent emollient for cosmetic formulations, often being compared functionally with Lanolin.


Suggested uses: Creams, lotions, balms, make-up foundations and bar soaps, massage creams, suppositories and a variety of cosmetic and OTC pharmaceutical applications. Use from 3% to 100% pure (as a butter-like balm).


Cupuacu butter is solid and could turn slightly creamy at room temperature. We have absolutely no control over the aroma and consistency of this butter, sometimes we receive batches which are hard, other times we receive batches that are slightly creamier. Should the butter develop a grainy texture or crystallization, either won’t affect the quality of the butter. Shelf life: 2 years when properly stored, tightly sealed, away from direct light. Color: Ranges from white to ivory.


Efficacy: Prevents drying of the skin and development of wrinkles. Reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores skin flexibility, offers skin softness and improves the moisture and elasticity of the skin. SAP value: 188 - 198. 


Cupuacu, when melted, will give you more of a creamy feel on the skin as opposed to, for example, cocoa butter. Cupuacu and Cocoa Butter are both from the same genus, but from different species. Cocoa butter is usually a slightly harder butter than Cupuacu.


Ingredients: Cupuacu Seed Butter.

Cocoa butter: Theobroma cacao
Scientific Name: Theobroma grandiflorum




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Cupuacu Butter

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