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Macadamia Seed Butter

Macadamia Seed Butter is obtained by cold pressing of the nuts (seeds) of the Macadamia tree followed by a full refining process to render an oil which is light in color and mild in odor. 


During the pressing, the natural oil contains essential fatty acids, but also contains unsaponifiables as natural waxes/paraffins, which are collected during the refining and deodorization process and are blended with hydrogenated seed oil to render a butter-like consistency suitable for personal care products. 


Macadamia Seed Butter offers an exceptionally good emolliency and lubricity, while at the same time exhibiting good dermal penetration. 


Suggested Use Levels: Lotions & Creams: 2-5%, Balms: 5-100%, Bar Soaps: 2-6%, Hair Conditioners: 2-5%. 


Ingredients: Macadamia Seed Oil (and) hydrogenated non-gmo soybean oil. 

SAP value: 175-200. 


Store in a cool, dry location. Avoid exposure to aid to avoid oxidation. If butter arrives melted or frozen due to weather, please leave at room temperature until it returns back to normal.




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Macadamia Seed Butter

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