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Moisturizing Moringa Rosehip Beard Oil Recipe

Moisturizing Moringa Rosehip Beard Oil Recipe

-2 ounce Amber Glass bottle and dropper -1 ounce Moringa Oil -1 ounce Rosehip Oil -7 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil -3 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

Beard Oil Instructions Combine all ingredients in a 2 ounce amber glass bottle with a dropper. Gently swirl to incorporate.

To apply: Depending on beard length, drop 3-5 drops in one hand. Longer beards will require more drops but remember, a little goes a long way, so increase amount by one drop at a time. Dip fingertips from the other hand in the oil and rub oil all over beard. When all the oil has been applied, use fingertips to massage oil down into the beard all the way to the skin. Use a small comb like this one to smooth down the beard. For best results, apply daily to freshly washed beard that has been toweled dry.

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