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5 Ways to Re-energize Your Day

Are you totally wiped out from juggling all of life’s demands? Dr. Oz has 5 innovative ways to help you re-energize your entire day.

Today, the stress of daily life has millions of people so tired and worn out that they feel they’re about to collapse. Here are five solutions beyond that typical cup of coffee to help you keep going the whole day through.

5 Ways to Kick-Start Your Day

1. Dr. Oz’s Energy Cubes

Dr. Oz’s Energy Cubes are made with two energy boosters: spirulina and lime juice. Combined, they are shown to help boost your mood. Spirulina is an excellent source of protein. This blue-green algae, available in powder and supplement form at health food stores, boosts energy by unlocking sugar from your cells so it does not get stored as fat.

Dr. Oz’s Energy Cubes


1 tsp Spirulina Powder

12 oz lime juice


Combine ingredients; pour into ice cubes trays and freeze. (The cold from the ice also works to wake you up and help boost metabolic energy.)

Add 2 energy cubes to water, fruit or vegetable juices daily.

2. Energy Blaster: Moringa Oleifera

The leaves of the Moringa Oleifera tree, native to the Himalayan mountains in northwestern India, are extremely nutrient-dense. They contain 3 times more iron than spinach and are loaded with tons of other vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and potassium, as well as powerful antioxidants. To benefit from this super supplement, take 400mg daily. You can also try moringa oleifera tea, a great alternative to caffeinated beverages. Available at health food stores.

3. The Deep Breath Blast Belt

Many people experience their lowest energy in the morning and have difficulty waking up. To help boost energy in the morning, you need to get the air from the bottom of your lungs moving. This unlocks energy that’s been trapped inside and allows your lungs to truly carry oxygen throughout the body. To breathe properly, your belly should expand and your rib cage should rise.

Try this belly-breathing exercise, which forces you to take slow deep breaths and retrains the diaphragm to move air into the lower lungs:

  • Buckle a tight belt just below your chest (for women that’s just below your breasts; for men just bellow the nipple area).

  • Place your right hand on your belly button and take a deep breath, pushing your belly out to the count of 4. When doing this properly, you will not feel the belt tightening.

  • Now relax and pull your belly button in, breathing out to a count of 4 seconds.

Practice taking 10 deep breaths every morning, and then repeat at night before bedtime.

4. Purse Pick-Me-Up

To combat energy lulls that frequently happen after lunchtime or in the afternoon, fill your purse with this emergency survival kit that contains three energy essentials.

  • Dark chocolate infused with peppermint oil: Dark chocolate contains a bit of caffeine; its flavonoids balance out the caffeine jolt and give you a sustained lift. Peppermint oil has been shown to help keep you alert and energized.

  • Ginseng gum: The ancient herb ginseng is a natural stimulant. Chewing ginseng gum is shown to boost metabolism by up to 20%.

  • Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-boosting Moisturizer with Mangosteen: When absorbed into the skin, this cream will make you look and feel energized. It contains mangosteen, a superfruit packed with antioxidants and cordyceps mushrooms. Used in Chinese medicine, cordyceps are one of Dr. Oz’s all-time favorite energy boosters, shown to increase vitality and reduce stress. Available online.

5. Power Down Pressure Point

Powering down is key to re-energizing. At night, turn off all electronic distractions such as your phone, computer and TV. Instead, focus on one key acupressure point to help induce sleep. Place your right hand above the little bridge above your nose and between your eyes. Now, close your eyes and massage the area for a few minutes until you feel calm and relaxed.

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